#Career: Anna Wintour’s phenomenon

Anna Wintour at The Paris Ritz

Not so long so ago I watched a documentary movie called ‘’The September Issue’’ directed by R.J. Cutler. In my subjective opinion, I think it is fantastic! I even found myself watching it for the second time, which does not happen on a regular basis, except from ‘’Break Up’’ I must say.

Mario Testino photographs Wintour fofor WSJ.’s April cover. WSJournal Picture

‘’The September Issue’’ accounts for  September’s  issue of the American Vogue magazine and pictures its famous Editor Anna Wintour. I bet you have  heard about her. Even if only once.  The movie portrays her as the ‘’black sheep’’ among Vogue’s employees but everyone knows that if Anna is not happy – there is a  problem. And everyone knows that it is Anna who is in charge.  She might be an unapproachable person, with a bitchy character, but I cannot say she does not know what she is doing. Above all, Vogue magazine sets current fashion trends, but it is Anna Wintour Inc. the ultimate brand that shakes – dictates and demands –the  fashion industry.  I found a great article in Wall Street Journal Magazine about Anna Wintour Inc.; I like to call her a phenomenon. And here is Anna’s army:

Anna’s Army. Imagine from WSJournal

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