Stay Classy and Fabulous

Following  Coco Chanel words  I decided to look for a classy dress…I clicked on today and I noticed a beautiful dress. I love minimalizm so it was  ’love at a first sight’ ;) !

And again the dress looks like the one from LaMania collection, so for anyone who does not want to spend £550 or more per dress I definitely recommend a substitute. Of course, I know that the quality of the material will not be the same as with dresses from LaMania, but until my pocket will get big enough I am happy to wear a cheaper version:

Here is the dress from – to buy click here

Image from

There were also different colours available such as : red, black,mustard, navy and terracotta.

And here’s the original LaMania version. Even more beautiful but far more expensive!

Occasions: because of the long sleeves I would say the dress is ideal for a windy day and therefore does not necessarily has to be associated with summer; I am not sure about the length, so to categorize it as a cocktail dress is far too early (but I will let you know after the delivery). I would definitely wear it at work!

Accessories: for this kind of dress style I can only see one sunglasses that will go with it perfectly

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