Amazonkindle – Are You Convinced?

Let me be honest with you – I would never buy AmazonKindle myself. Possibly that is why I got it as my BDay present  from my loved one. I opened the present praying for some jewellery, but my other half had indeed succeeded in surprising me.

First impression – well, ok, yes it is lovely indeed and I can have all my books with me on holidays without worrying about luggage weight excess and the consequent £20 fine, but at the same time – I love my books, love to hold them, to smell the paper, love to have my own collection in my home library. However it did not take me long until I really fell in love with my AmazonKindle.

You purchase any e-books on which are automatically download to your AmazonKindle via WI-FI internet or , alternatively, you can download it to your computer and then transfer it to your Kindle using an USB connection. There is enough space to hold around 3,500 books, which you can simply enjoy reading even in the brightest light (remember looking at the computer screen in the sun? that nightmare won’t happen with Kindle). Plus if you use AmazonKIndle only for an hour a day, the battery will last for one month.

 You can read not only books but also newspapers and blogs. It is not free, as you might think, but the prices are really competitive and you will be able to fully enjoy your everyday newspaper commuting to work without disturbing other passengers (for those who do not know: after you open The Financial Times newspaper you could easily wrap your head at least 3 times with it – that is how big it is; so now imagine a packed train and you trying to enjoy reading a newspaper). Plus it is so thin if compared with a folded newspaper, it looks as such:

There are a lot more features;  even the possibility of making money out of your AmazonKindle. So please follow me here as more on AmazonKindle will be coming soon…

P.S. Wish you books/e-books that you cannot put down!


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