Happiness Called Hen Party

Ohhh once there was a night;) Hen Party of my beloved friend Magda. 17 days from now until her wedding in Krakow, Poland! We know each other since I can remember. Then when I was about 10 years old our ways got separated as Magda’s moved to another part of the city. Then we were back again attending the same high school. Since then a lot has changed but one thing stayed the same: she is my friend that I can always count on. Hope she can say the same;) so….

We had two parties booked so after the initial drinks at home we headed off to the city.

Just starting...

We surprised Magda with a limo! She thought we were going to take a tube. The limo was set to arrive at 4:30 and when Champaign was popped the party began:-)

Everything went perfect except the fact that after some time I was dying to go to the toilet. Fantastic-plastic Mr Driver said no to stop, even after my attempt to sweet-eyes-trick – gosh I am afraid the trick stops working while I am getting older. So, I ended up getting out from the lime while in traffic together with Karolina. The problem as that the traffic wasn’t that big, so now imagine us all dressed up and in heels running ‘like Forest’ to catch the limo – I felt like in an action film, that was something ;)

Let's start the partyyyy -limo hired!

Let's start the partyyyy -limo hired!

We arrived in Leicester Square at 6:00 all happy, but….starving, do not confuse it with striving….striving for the show I mean;) After our stomachs got full we had some more drinks and the show started!

(……………………………………….)  ;)

On the stage ;)

Around 11 pm we were about to change the venue for something a bit more posh. Rickshaw seemed like a must for our celebration. By the way it was the first time I took a rickshaw and I absolutely loved it!

A bit different limo!

We arrived at Diu this time striving for dancing. I must say that I am not a frequent attendant of London parties. Busy life sometimes make you prefer a comfortable couch over a fancy night club. But there we were all happy to break the routine – plenty of drinks, dancing, hugs of love and a very very good laugh.

Nothing to add ;)

We finished party around 3 am and took a cab home. As usual girls made me sit next to the driver – good I went to the toilet just before leaving the venue;) As far as I remember [yes, it is hard sometimes] I was singing while getting back home, but the girls told me that I did not dance – ufffff :) God saved the driver, hihihih

It was a fantastic and momentous night. We are all looking forward to Magda’s and Lukas’ wedding. Yes yes Krakow 20th August 2011!!! It is a great feeling to watch your friend preparing to the moment that we all girls dream of  – while in our teenage’ life at least;)

So what is your best idea for the hen party? Is there any  ‘must’ for this kind of celebration?


15 thoughts on “Happiness Called Hen Party

  1. You all look absolutely gorgeus. These juicy colours and dresses…and beautiful girls of course:) – just amazing.

    1. Nietakt z mojej strony. Oczywiście Łukasz pominięty być nie może. Więc raz jeszcze pozwolę sobie życzyć WAM wszystkiego najlepszego! :)

  2. @Emila: One thing that I can say about the dresses is that we did not arrange what to wear – simple coincidence :-)

    @Anna: It was just great. And after I came back home – played Beyonce and got myself into dancing hihih

    @Tomasz: Przylaczam sie do zyczen: Wszytskiego co najlepsze Madziu, no i Tobie Lukasz rowniez :)

    @Anna: many thanks Ania, I aimed the post to be somehow touching, but what makes me sad is that I will not see you on the wedding…but as you once wrote: you never no, so I still have some hope!

  3. Ooh Agata! Thanks for this! This is the best reminder :) Thank you for your support with everything and for all time you put in our first dance classes :) We know each other plenty well enough and after all those years, ups and downs I can say I’m very lucky to have a friend like you!!!!

    So happy you will be there for us! It’s so soon :)
    And ohhh yes- we will party hard! Hugs, loves xxx

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