What Are You Meant To Be?

Apparently we are all called. Everybody has a calling. When you find your calling it uplifts you and guide you. Did you ever figure it out? Find out where your ‘stage’ is? where your platform that you interact with people is? what is  your message that you want to spread? If you figure it out already, stay focus and do not get distracted. But if you don not know then your real job and obligation is to figure out what that is, go and get the business of doing it! 

Waiting for your calling? Do not wait forever…

One of the way which will help you to determine your true calling is by completing a career or personality test. In my opinion, the best one so far is Oprah’s ‘What Am I Mean To Do’ questionnaire. Simply follow the link above, and invest 10 min. in answering questions. As a result you will get your personality profile and the number of  prospective jobs and career path that would suit you.Share it with your friends as you can always help them to discover and determine their career directions. Did Oprah’s questionnaire help you to determine what might be the job of the life? What did/do you do to find your calling? Do you feel you are stuck in your life? Passion will change it. Start working towards your dreams and the job you love. Do not wait any more…

Was the test accurate? Recommend your friend. Share it!


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