Getting Back On Truck

Is that the case of every office-based job that the first addiction is coffee and second the internet? With internet is not that big problem, but coffee ohh well. We don’t realise that coffee is extremely addictive. One won’t harm me – possibly you are right but this one can make you drink another one. I drink because I am bored, because I want to treat myself, because I want to do something else rather than sitting down. What’s interesting is that it depends on my humour which coffee type I stick with during the day. Early morning is always an espresso at home – quick and I don’t need to wait until it gets cold. Then at work, sometimes one or even 2 more cups of coffee. White with one sugar (since I beat  eczema, I can spoil myself with a bit of a cow’s milk), black with sugar, americano. I am bit crazy in that sense – but I always listen to what my body feels like. 

Office coffee

Since I was employed last year and started my first real office job – I was struggling. Surprisingly more with lifestyle adjustment than with new responsibilities and challenges of new work environment. I work full-time, so 40 hours a week, but my day is extremely long. I start at 9 and finish at 7 with 1 hour lunch break. It took my possible another 6 months to get used to. Before running up and down in the restaurant made me feel more alive, compare to sitting and exercising your fingers on the keyboard. Also, I found it more difficult to stick to my week’s workouts – mainly running and yoga. However I promised myself not to give up. I can say I succeed in that matter :) 

Little present

Yesterday our workmate brought us bags – simply but colourful ones. I made our day, nothing like a fashion discussion during your lunch. Little things can make your day. Above you have a proof . And by the way are you using environmental friendly bags for your shopping or you still stick to terrible plastic ones that supermarkets still offer?

Ready, Steady, Gooooooo

In my usual day I get back home around 7:30 and by 8:00 pm I was jogging. After 2 weeks break for holidays in Poland and our relatives visit to London, I was back there running again. I felt light with my quadriceps very strong and powerful. I took the shortest of all my jogging routes here in London – just for the beginning [if you can call it the beginning; actually my jogging journey started back in 2006 when I was still in Poland]. It felt good as usual, but I craved more and decide to go running tomorrow as well.

In action

I love running, but I do like to combine with yoga when I can work on my flexibility still strengthening muscles at the same time. It calms me down to the extend that I am all happy after the practice. Yes I know adrenaline release – but yoga is a treat not only for your body but for the mind as well.

And you? Which sports you like to combine the most? What works for you? I would love to hear your opinion :)!


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