My ABCs….follow me

A: Agata/Agatha – simply my name ; Age: born 1984

B: Barbecue– grilled fish or meet, specially done by Luis…heaven

C: I sometimes feel like Cindirella…I cannot complain about the lack of luck

D: I love dresses more than any other piece of clothes. Plus if chosen good they can be the most comfortable piece of clothes

E: Essential during the day: Coffee. As always I try to cut back to one a day – occasionally unsuccessfully

Every day!

F: Favourite dessert: cheesecake

G: Goat’s cheese warmed in oven – mouthwatering!

H: Height: 169 cm

I: Irena – name of my bloved grandmother. She’s 80 and still fabulous

J: Job title – head of property management, blogger

K: Kids – none – yet

L: Live in London

M: Marathon – in 4:32 min

N: Nickname Hybrid – I have no idea why;) ask my parents. Possibly due to me annoying them for 22 years;)

O: Oprah – I adore you

P: Patience  wanted!

R: Raiding a bike  – I am lovin’ it

S: I love sleeping, what can I do? ;)

T: Time I wake up – 7:30, late isn’t it?

U: Ula – my mum’s name; wish I could see her more ofther (she lives in Poland)

W: What makes me get up early morning? Travelling, otherwise I do struggle;)

Y: YOGA – you are bringing me up!

Z: Zzzzzzzzzz:)  

Disneyland in London :)

The ABCs was was – but it was all about me. Now I would love to hear more about you reader! Leave me a comment to I can have some fun getting to you you! What is your ABC’s ?


6 thoughts on “My ABCs….follow me

    1. Hi Aga, thanks for your comment! Hope you will find here more stuff on your interest here, recommendation for post topics always welcome:) And if you would like to write a guest post let me know on!

      1. You wouldn’t like to read this…;) I would write about all spicy and funny nights we have spent together…;) that would be a good note!

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