Busy Wednesday

Wednesday is kind of a mid week for me – it gets closer to the weekend :) This Wednesday was kind of a busy for me. I loved it! Plus my new dress from asos.com has arrived. I am always scared that the size won’t fit me but this time 10 was perfect. I usually buy 8/10 UK ; 36-38 EU size. It is a beautiful minimalist white dress – a bit short I must say but summer is still on. Plus we are going on another holidays in mid August – to Poland, destination Krakow City and for a week to Portugal! I don’t need to emphasise that if there is plenty on my agenda I feel sooooo happy – specially when it is all leisure.

I went jogging today for a bit longer route than yesterday -5.95 km. I did it in about 35-40min. After all I fuelled myself with Vitamin Water. I barely drink coloured staff, but Itsu offers quite reasonable water with extra vitamins and not much sugar in it. 

Vitamin Water

And later on……..

I treated myself a little. I went for a lovely frozen yoghurt with granola and strawberries. Still it contains cow’s milk which I am intolerant to :( [ohh not good Agatha] But I was a happy bunny after it was down inside my stomach. A little guilty treat ;)

Frozen yoghurt with granola, strawberries and 1 bluberry :)

Frozen yoghurt with granola, strawberries and 1 bluberry :)

Here is what I had for my dinner. I didn’t have time to cook at home as I was teaching dancing in the evening. This time I went for  sushi. The one on the picture is plain vegetarian. I like the salmon one but veggie  is my favourite one:

Veg shusi - love it!

Then after all I meet Magda and Lukas for the practise their first dance. My great friends are getting married in August, and I have pleasure to be the part of the big even not only as a guest but also as their dance teacher :) They are fantastic dancers learning every single step with the light speed :) I can’t wait for your wedding guys!

almost married :)

And that was it! My Busy Wednesday finished – tomorrow my day off and I hope to join Elena for Yoga classes. I haven’t seen her for ages. You have no idea who she is ? She is the Yoga teacher that made me fell in love with the practice – and she recommended me a book that eventually, after 25 years , helped me beat eczema! I am so grateful to you Elena, and I promise to attend your classes with a better frequency ;) More on the book very time soon!

Are you busier during the week days or a weekend? Are you waiting for your days off or your work is your passion? I am constantly searching…and reminding myself that the work you do while you procrastinate is probably the work you should be doing for the rest of your life.


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