There It Came – My Day Off Work

After 2 day running and set myself for almost 9 km run on Thursday- the longest so far in my modest jogging career ;) It was exactly 8.93 km and I did it in 1 hour 20 min. With that speed London Marathon comes to 6 hours [you better train girl!]. Because I did not have a restday – it was not the easiest run, and yet considering the distance I was a newbie. I must admit I had few stops for quick walk. When I was about half way I got side stitches which to say lasted until I reached home. I think I just ate to close to my run….

After the run, I didn’t want to leave my body with no vitamins, so I quickly did a lovely cocktail – banana, strawberries, blueberries, handful of spinach and tbsp of …. Here it comes: 

Vitamin Bomb

I was proud of myself that although in pain I did finish the run! After all my muscles were burning. And after 2 hours I was there in bed having a nap – possible much needed as I could not resist it ;) 

Ok I had my nap so there was no excuses not to attend yoga practice in the evening. Before I did so here is what I had for dinner. It was the first time I added spinach to tomato and onion salad. It was fantastic. I marinated it with olive oil and salt, left it for couple of minutes and ate with such a pleasure that you can compare it only to guilty pleasures ;)

Tomato and onion salad with spinach olive oil and a bit of salt! Yummy!!!

And then off to yoga. My muscles were in such a pain after jogging that the first asana I thought I am not going to  survive 90 min long practice. I pushed myself and they I was – all happy practising postures. had a brief talk with yoga instructor Elena about food allergies. More on this a bit later :)

How do you spend your day off ? Catching up with laundry or dedicating the entire day for yourself ?


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