Decisions – Time To Get Busy

It has been a long time since I am considering getting back to fitness. 3 years break was much needed and when I’m saying coming back to fitness I do not mean working full-time. I would actually prefer to have 2-3 hours a week along side my current full-time job. There are two main reasons: I miss dancing/group exercises and I miss the loud music when you are at high, all smiling with your energy level rocking. Second reason is to stay in shape. I do run and do yoga, but feel like dancing is much needed ;)

First step I need to take is to register with REP’s (The Register of Exercise Professional) ; anyone who wish to work in fitness industry in UK but gained his/her qualification in another country need to complete registration – just follow the link above and choose an option Joining With Qualifications Gained Overseas. So hopefully everything will go smoothly and I aim that in 2 months time from now (1st October 2011) I will be REP’s registered. 

There are decisionS to be taken, so here it comes the second one: To take and pass CPE (Certificate of Proficiency in English). It will stimulate myself intellectually, which I am kind of a freak of. Above all CPE gives you C2 level of English ability within The Common European Framework of Reference. As I write it now in August 2011, I would like to take the test at latest in May 2012. 

While planning my next goals I was enjoying a sunny Sunday in Brighton. Luis was fishing and me…? I did rest, just not to say that I almost slept it through ;) 

Mackerel – the first caught

We came back from the trip and first thing on the evening news was US deficit bill , which was proposed to be raised almost by 17 %. As you might be aware or not – reaching consensus to raise the US debt ceiling by up to $2.4 tn, will require printing more dollars, cause inflations and increase taxes. In my opinion, whatever US would do, another financial crisis is due- maybe in 10-15 years time – and then again – bail out etc. … can US go bankrupt?

So that’s my goals for short future :) What are your goals? Does global economy have any impact on the decision you take in regards to your future? Give me some inspiration guys :) Do you plan ahead or you enjoy every day as it is?


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