“The Great Debaters” and Not So Great Saturday Morning

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

On Saturday mornings I am supposed to get up at 8:15 – an hour later than during the week days. I just forgot to change my alarm to an hour later, so as soon as I heard the annoying sound I changed the alarm to an hour later. And then I was up only by 9:35!!!

Headed to the kitchen for my usual morning caffeine intake just to find out that the coffee was finished!!! Looks like a dream morning…;)

I usually have difficulties to get up as I love to sleep but was there anyone or anything to blame this time? Ohh yes – a great movie that I had to finish watching what resulted in falling asleep at 4 am in the morning. So what kept me awake for so long? 

Starring Danzel Washington

The best inspirational movie I have seen since…. a long time:  “The Great Debaters” directed by Danzel Washington.First thing I notices at the beginning of the film is that it was produced by Harpo. Read from the end and you will the name of produces. Yes yes it is Oprah Winfrey. Knowing how much she loves to inspire I knew I will get hooked on this story. So I was, up until 4 am :)

Education – a subject I love. I believe that education can change lives. It empowers you, it gives you control over your own life rather than people being in control of you. It gives you hope – hope  for change. Education is power as you acquire knowledge and you are able to defend your argument. Exactly as students of a small East Texas collage debated why Negros, in 1930s’ America,  should have the same opportunities as white people. I will not tell you the whole story of “The Great Debaters”, enjoy it yourself! Click here to watch the trailer.

So now down to earth with more fun staff…

Today’s breakfast…I really did not have time to prepare anything else. I wish I had fresh peaches but the canned ones were actually fairly good – cold straight from the fridge. Just too much sugar in them. If I have a choice I always go for the fresh fruits

Peaches for breakfast

Yes I do sometimes work on Saturdays, and that it was how I spend the half of my day. After work I head straight to dance rehearsal with Lukas, as he is training for his wedding first dance. I came back home sooner than later as Lukas knows the choreography perfectly.

Straight to catch up with some shopping [Got some coffee;)]. I was not too hungry so goat’s cheese sandwich with parma ham was enough to make me feel satisfied :)

Goat's cheese sandwich

I use Genius Gluten Free Brown Bread. It is gluten free, wheat free and dairy free. I avoid buying regular bread mainly because of my allergy – I don’t tolerate wheat, gluten and dairy. Genius Gluten Free Bread is also high in fibre which helps a lot when you are bloated. If you allergic to gluten you can get Genius Bread on prescription directly from the pharmacy. Click here for more info.

And then it came my nap. I love napping. Who doesn’t? ;)

My perfect snack - I love bluberries

After all, I spend some time reading other’s blogs and getting inspiration from the sea of information in the internet. I had a relaxed evening as Luis was working – having his last shift as a waiter!!! I just hope he will still keep serving me at home from time to time ;) I am looking forward for his dinner on Sunday – he is the best cook in the house and what I know about cooking I learnt from him.

What was the best inspirational movie you have ever watched? Which movie will you recommend me? So I could be prepared for the next relaxing Saturday evening at home – not soon though… :-)


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