Sunday – The Rest Day

Sunday was a much better day. I got 10 hours sleep – ohh yes this is what I need to fully recharge my batteries. It feels so good to give yourself a break. 

Set for Sunday jogging I was there ready to run. Unfortunately plans have changed. As we are flying to our friend’s wedding I need to be ready with my outfits. We went for shopping…God bless it was not crowded. I needed to buy fascinator, but in the entire shopping centre there was any. So now I have a problem as I work Mon to Thu and we are flying out on Fri 6 am. 

Here’s Duchess of Cambridge with a lovely fascinator. That is what I have in mind as well.

Duchess of Cambridge attending friend’s wedding

Hope I will get mine in time!

So getting ready for shopping, I was surprised with a fantastic breakfast…

Fruit Breakfast

and my favourite coffee :)


We did not have much luck with shopping today. I just got new flats – much-needed! After some time hanging around in the shopping centre I was just craving a dessert so I stick to my favourite dark chocolate with almonds.

Perfect snak – just not the whole bar ;)

Much relaxing day today. Still loads of event ahead of us – which I am really looking forward. Somehow I would try to stick to my jogging, which is not easy but possible. As much as I like challenges I would really appreciate to have some more free time! Who doesn’t, heh?

Talking about free time – I got my time off cooking as Luis was in the kitchen doing Sunday roast today :) Nothing makes you more satisfied than a hot proper dinner. When I was younger I could  stick to sweets throughout the day, now I do appreciate a good food.


Sunday Roast with rice and spinach salad

What’s your favourite Sunday dinner? Eating out or cooking at home?


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