As Much As I Hate Mondays I Love Them

Monday morning – you know this annoying alarm sound, don’t you? The moment I hear this noise I hate Mondays but as soon as I drink my espresso and I am ready to head work I love Mondays – isn’t it silly?


I hate Mondays during the weekends. When the perspective of the new busy weekend is growing in my head. I love Mondays as they happen. I love the energy. Or I MUST love the energy otherwise I wouldn’t survive? Maybe is just the syndrome If You Do Not Have What You Love, Love What You Have?

Or we are only happy during the journey? Take for example weight loss. I love the feeling when I am about to reach my goal, but as soon as the goal is there I need another one. I lost 5 kg I want to lose another 2 kg.

[Disclaimer: I am not anorexic and I never was]

But to keep my weight loss in place I need a system otherwise it is very easy to lose the truck and after 2 weeks your weight is on the same level. What works for you may not work for me and the other way around, but in case you did not find your system yet you might like to have a look at mine. 

What your best weight management system?

How Do You Keep Your Weight Balance?

I use excel table where on the y-axis there is a weight range starting from the top with my current weight and going down to my desired weight. On the x-axis I insert time scale – min 3 months; sometimes even up to 6 month.

Weight Management System

I always place it on my wall so I can keep an eye on my weight improvements. You can use this system not only to manage your weight loss but also to keep your weight on a certain level. I tried so many things from daily food diary to skipping breakfast (the most silly thing you can do while you try to lose some weight) but nothing seems to work better that my table :) Plus you do not have to weight every day.

Note: Please bear in mind that you will see possible weight increase in some periods more than during others. Women for example weigh more before and during their periods – even up to 1 kg more. Do not get de-motivated! See the whole picture in long-term

Here is my breakfast

Oats with rice milk topped with kiwi. Black coffee to wake up me!

If you are bored with yours I recommend you try oats with rice milk topped with some fruits. Works perfect for me in the mornings! The oats I am using are gluten and wheat free.

Lunch was yesterday’s roast with broccoli and tomatoes

Roast Chicken With Broccoli and Fresh Tomato

and for dessert few slices of melon – so refreshing when from the fridge.

After work I went for 6km jogging.

On The Road…

My body craved workout  so much that nothing could stop me – ohh well, except side cramps.

All Smiling :-)

I decided to skip the dinner as it was already 10 pm. I try not to eat too late, otherwise it is a nightmare to get up the next morning. 

Luis got his sleeves up preparing tomorrow’s lunch – that’s a surprise and I only disclose  a huge eel which got sliced up! More details tomorrow :)

Eel – guess who fished it :)?

What is your best weight loss management system? Are you skipping dinner, not eating sweets? Or you just eat as much as you like? What’s your secret?


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