In Need Of Serious Training Plan

Jogging every day is not what I am used to. Yesterday I went for a longer distance in order to eventually hit the longest jogging route here in Portugal today.

feels gooooooood

Banana for breakfast and off I went. Maybe it was because of lack of carbs the day before my body was saying I want to rest! Fatigue it was what caught me. It was an effort to finish the run and I had few stops meanwhile. However I was so happy to finish it. Besides that it was not my best day for running I feel stronger with every training and even saw improvements in my back muscles .

I had freshly squeezed orange juice. So refreshing packed with vitamin C.

orange juice

After the run I ate like there is no tomorrow – bacalhau a’ bras – there is nothing better that a fantastic meal after your run, if you feel like eating obviously.

bacalhau a' bras

My body was starving for nutrition and energy  and it boosted my appetite. Felt good!

Then it came time for the beach.

lovely sunbathing

As much as I love to rest I get bored very easily. Plus I do not like the sand, I mean the feeling of having it glued to my body. I like my towel with no sand on it! It makes me laugh so much how happy I am to go by the seaside and then still complaining about the sand – ohh girl. The sun is irreplaceable though – sun equals life and energy , at least for me.

Boosted with the sun I picked my laptop and spend late afternoon blogging. 

next post in preparation :)

I am getting very motivated with my jogging and crave for more. To run London Marathon in 2012 is too late as the day to register passed already. I need to seriously consider 2013 marathon. Now I have one objective though – to keep running during the winter and keep running regularly. I need serious training plan. I hope I can count on your support ;)

Let hit the ground running!

How are you jogging? Always according to your training plan or only when you feel like?

4 thoughts on “In Need Of Serious Training Plan

  1. be strong girl!! the most important is to have a goal… then everything seems to be easier;) I hate jogging… prefer riding a bike with my husband;) kisses:*

    1. I love riding a bike as well! Last time we went in July 2011 from Swinoujscie to the other side in Germany!
      Regarding jogging – the more I run the more I love it:) I am in the middle of preparing my serious plan ;)

      And what is your goal love?

  2. nice trip!:) for now I am going by bike to Estilo almost every day;) we plan to go to Trzebież if the weather is good… but it doesn’t seem to be sunny:(
    and my goal? well, as you know I opened my own company, we are starting our dance and gymnastic classes for elderly people from next month. Hopefully we will have many clients!
    And I got a full time job!:) as a manager of the portuguese shop ‘Parfois’ in Kaskada, Szczecin:) yup yup! it’s gonna be a busy time for me…;)

    1. wow, that’s a great news!!!! I bet Luis would like to visit the cafe next time we are in Szczecin.
      Fingers crossed for your dance classes and update me here how is it going :)))!!

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