I Do (Skin) Care!

We all care how we look, do not try to fool me that you do not ;) I won’t believe. Especially when the face is your central point whatever you speak to someone or throwing a glance – you always pay attention to face – impossible not to. So in order to look good and therefore to feel good, I can recommend you skin care products I fell in love you. Small – however expensive – love affair!

I Do (Skin) Care!

 I have a very dry skin but I never cared that much to do a proper research and go for the product that would suit me the best. Who knows what the best is anyway? I can read forums, I can browse internet, I can take a sample from the store – but I do not have time and I do prefer an interesting book over the almost Chinese-written long  label of a night cream which is long enough to get bored just after a first line. So for a very long time I did not have my skin care MUST HAVE.

Then my beautician recommended me a quite expensive skin care but nevertheless I gave it a go: KANEBO SENSAI SILK. There is more Kanebo lines, but my best of the best is SENDSAI SILK. And yes I still can get lost in all the products they offer – however as recommended I bought the following two:

  1. Sensai Silk Soft Softening Lotion Moist (125 ml) and, – water texture ; soften skin after washing it with water ; big relief if your skin is very dry; however lotion is suitable for all skin types; maybe I am only so fascinated by this product because of  my very dry skin, but you can always give it a go
  2. Sensai Silk Super Moist Emulsion (100ml) – silk emulsion to moisture dry or very dry skin, as per label “Quick penetrating Emulsions improve resistance, firmness and brightness”

If you are UK-based you can order them online from harrods.com. In Poland I know that you can easily get it from Sephora, Portugal and other European countries – I have no idea. Have a go and let me know what do you think about Kanebo products!

What is your favourite skin care cosmetics? 

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