1st Attempt To Make Home-Made Pizza

After the day off I had to work a little bit on Saturday. I fuelled myself with overnight oats first thing in the morning. 

9 am off to work…

For lunch I had Spicy Squash Salad With Lentils and Goat Cheese I had prepared last night. No picture though as I deleted it by mistake :/

Some more work still to be done…

Instead of coffee I had peppermint tea keeping my body hydrated. However after some time I craved for a caffeine intake.

As my 3 mile jogging was schedule for later on I went for Starbucks chocolate brownie with espresso.

I asked Luis to go jogging with me. After listening few of his excuses we went for a slow pace 3 mile jogging. In the end of the run we pushed ourselves what resulted making 3 mile distance in 33 min. – that is my record for now. Next week has to be better ;)

Then we had our first attempt to make our own pizzas…hmmm we did not succeed.

Although pizza looks lovely unfortunately it was not edible :/ But yesterday was just a lesson :)

Recommend me a good pizza dough recipe? C’mon guys!  


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