#Guest Post: Remarks On Becoming A Mother ‘How Not To Get Crazy’ By Anita Pawlak

I must admit that I am really flattered to be asked to write about motherhood and as it states in the title I am considered as a mother that has not gone crazy ;-), but to be honest that depends on where YOU’RE standing.

Our Happy Family

To mothers yet to be , my life with my baby girl seems pretty easy as I do everything possible to enjoy it, and as it is commonly said “ happy mother is a happy baby”, so I try to do everything to be happy, and now that means to do everything together with Oliwia, so we go for long walks, shopping, hairdresser all together – as I still breastfeed her;-) but other women – already mothers, often criticize me and do think that I am crazy as I take her shopping to the mall – meaning expose her to all sort of germs, to the hair dresser – do I need a hairdresser anymore? I should be a mother what do I need my hair done for that???

One Happy Baby

So really in order not to go crazy yourself, and be a good mom –  only you and your baby can be a judge of that! You should stay true to yourself  –  exactly what I did. Of course I read books, listen to the opinions of doctors (which by the way vary from each other completely) but most importantly I listen to Oliwia. Listening to her means I still only breastfeed her, although she is seven months, and all the books inform you that after six months you should abandon breastfeeding and start giving your baby artificial milk, and normal food! This in my opinion is rubbish! But I’m not going to explore on that subject as other moms will want to murder me in my sleep.

All Dressed Up For A Party

Another controversial matter is sleeping with my baby, yes I see other points of view – like the place of dad in between, and hygienic matters, but together with Oliwia we decided that to us it brings more benefits: I don’t have to get up every two hours to feed her, she is much calmer and self secured, and there is a special bond between us, so until a point when we’ll decide to separate for the night we will sleep together, despite all the negative opinions.

I could go on and on, but really every mother should find her own way not to go crazy and not let other people tell her, how to raise her OWN baby! Young mothers believe in yourself – your inner voice is the smartest of all!

Arek, Anita and Baby Oliwia

If you have any questions to Anita e-mail her on info.lifestyleinc@gmail.com or click here. Otherwise we welcome all comments :)

How are you keeping up? What’s your secret?

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