Jogging After A Long Day At Work Plus Reading Recommendation

So we are back to business today, after Monday’s fantastic post by Anita Pawlak  accounting  on How Not To Get Crazy While Becoming a Mother and yesterday’s fashion post. Today thought of a few updates on what’s on the plate :)


For breakfast I had banana sandwich with peanut butter and Genius Gluten Free Brown Bread. It was delicious and what more important made me feel satisfied for the next 6 hours. Also, I knew I could indulge myself a little this morning as 4 mile jog was scheduled for the late evening. Time for lunch and I wasn’t hungry at all….

social movement

So I stick to some reading instead.

Great “Brief Guide To World Domination” by  Chris Guillebeau .


If you are thinking about quitting your 9-7 job and do some remarkable things, his blog The Art of Non-Conformity is what you should explore. Recommended reading!

perfect for a cold weather lunch

My lunch was pushed to about 3 pm. I had a lovely spinach and potato soup with slice of  Genius Gluten Free Brown Bread. Luis made it the day before and it was lovely! Especially when the weather is not promising and the sun is scarce, a warm soup should cheer you up :)

I worked until 7 pm, so I was a bit tired after a long day. Nevertheless,  I still was about to do my jogging. To be honest it was the last thing I wanted to do at that time. But I set my own rules and wanted to push myself…

winter jogging clothes on!

Autumn jogging clothes on and off for 4 miles, which turn in the end into 5 mile around Greenwich Park. It is getting darker during the evening and the park closes at 8 pm. In that matter I have to make some adjustments to my jogging schedule. Running alone in the dark is not what I am after….

Then after the run something has changed :)

  1. I now longer wanted to just lay down in front of my computer.
  2. Even though I felt that 5 miles in my body I was there ready to cook for tomorrow, prepare my clothes, organise my diary and watch a movie.
  3. I would say that workout, especially in those days when you could ask for a bit more energy, uplifts you so much that you can skip any coffees or rubbish energy drinks that claim will make you fly.

Make your mind move your legs :)

What motivates you to stick to your discipline and overcome that small voice of yours which say: c’mon lay down and relax? Give me more tips guys!

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