Weekly Goal(s)

“What You Have By Achieving Your Goals Is Not As Important As What You Become By Achieving Your Goals”


welcome every day with gratitude  (Mon, Tue, Wed Thu, Fri, Sat Sun)

max. 2 coffees/day (Mon, Tue, Wed Thu, Fri, Sat Sun)

finish important project at work

go jogging early morning before work – only once for this week

update my jogging schedule post

un-clutter my in-basket

send important e-mail


What is your goal for this week?

the one you want to achieve


to the one others want you to complete

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4 thoughts on “Weekly Goal(s)

  1. Hello dear.

    I was thinking about that yesterday, not in the same way but thinking that I have to write down what I gotta do with my life to make 2011 even better ;)
    My plans are start to walk at least three times a week, study spanish and make a nice trip.

    and we are waiting for your e-mail, I don´t know if this is the importante email that you have to send, but let´s get it started =D


    1. Hello Love :)
      Yes that important e-mail is the one I should have sent to you last week. We have a fantastic guest at the moment so that’s why the delay.

      Reg. your goals, walking you mean walking to work? I think your plans are great, do not forget to update me how are you planning to implement them :)!!!

      I need to have clear time frame for my goals otherwise they are vanishing somewhere in the universe ;)

      I hope to complete “the important e-mail” today in the evening :)


  2. I have never had problems to find goals at least for close future. Now it’s completely different. I really need to have new goals but I can’t realize what I want to, This feeeling is so annoying and makes me feel strange. ….maybe time for a child?:)

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