Energy Release. I Am Lovin’ It!

I hope you guys started a fantastic week already! Long time since I wrote something here and I owe you a few updates :)


I did not post about my Friday’s run – the longest run so far . We have some fantastic friends from Poland staying with us so my schedule is a bit busier.
As usual I am lovin’ it.
I have been jogging/running quite a lot recently compare to my previous occasional runs.
As usual I am lovin’ it.
So here are my last few days:
Friday – 5.5 mile (8.85 km) run. I was so tired after the whole week, but I pushed myself or better – I was pushed as Luis has chosen the route. It was the end of the day and my brain and body could only follow. No decisions please!
Saturday – I “felt” my muscles as never before and I felt my knees, which is not promising. Then during late afternoon I had a nap. It was my body saying I need some time on my own;) Felt so good.
Sunday – as I could feel a bit better it was my recharge day, with loads of hanging around, bit of cooking and watching movies. I wish I could feel better to hit the ground running…ohh well
Monday – when I heard my alarm I just hated every single thing I have to do, I have to complete. I just wanted to sleep more. Unfortunately it happens on Mondays but then it always turn out into loads of positive energy. As much as I hate Mondays I love them
I had quite good day yesterday, with important goal settings and completing two of my weekly goals. I managed to finish work earlier so I had some more time at home. I used it to firstly go jogging – 3 mile recovery run – and then some house work that needed to be done, shopping and…
I prepared myself for Tue already. Updated my to-do list and gave tasks priority so when I arrive work I know exactly what my first steps are.
The more I jog the more organise I become. Energy release. Now you know the reason why employers seeks pro-sports prospective employees.
Does sport influence the quality of your work? Have you ever considered that sport can have a positive impact on your professional life?
Let’s release some more energy :)

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5 thoughts on “Energy Release. I Am Lovin’ It!

  1. :) That is happening with me also!! The more I jog, the more I enjoy life, the more I am loving it!!
    marathon, wait for me!!! hahahha Well I know there is a long way until that. For now I did the maximum of 8 km. :)
    Do you use any app to track your runs? I am using for a few weeks
    its a pity we didnt meet this time you came, so I could join you on this wonderful landscape jog at the beach!!
    kisses , have a great tuesday !

    1. Hi Mariana!

      Shame it took me so long to reply to your comment. Here I am ;)
      At the moment I do not use any app to truck my run. I really do not like to go jogging with Blackberry and I don’t have GPD running watch yet. However to still keep a truck on the distance I run – I just simply use google maps and draw my route.

      I simply sign in info gmail account, go to maps, then google my location, go into My Places and draw my route.

      However I need to explore more the whole world of apps available out there- for the sake of comfort during my run I would prefer watch rather than mobile. Or maybe it is just my thing to escape from constant flow of e-mails on the BlackBerry ;)

      Any plans for marathon? I need to do some research which are the most popular marathons in Portugal.

      If you up for it, come and join me for Milton Keynes Marathon – 29 April 2012. Still time to train. Up for it?

      P.S. Tomorrow Run To Beat Half Marathon next to our place. Gonna see folks and get a gist of the atmosphere. Ahh and the registration for 2012 will be open on the 26th Sep 2011. Three days to go. More info here:

    2. HI Mari!
      How’s your jogging ? It is so hot now in London, but I still somehow make it.
      I start using miCoach by adidas app to truck my runs, and I do like it!

      Any plans for marathon?

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