Keeping Myself Active

Long time since my last post. I miss blogging, I really do! It is basically due to ambitious myself who sign in for staying active: running – not only around! As a result last Sunday I completed my first 10K  in just….

67 minutes!!! Not bad taking into consideration that it was my first 10K. Taking it slowly – works fantastic when you do not really feel like going out there and run. It was definitely a good approach!

Firstly I scheduled my first 10K for Saturday. I don’t like to postpone something I did plan and was looking forward to. But I guess sometimes it is better to listen to your body – if only for a day! My body still adjust to my new training schedule. Plus recovery time is still not as fast as I would wish.

Anyhow – I am proud I stuck to my plan! The time I made a decision I want to run Milton Keynes Marathon on the 29th April 2011 – as my BDay present;) – my attitude towards running has changed completely. Now that there is a real goal I no longer complain and find excuses not to run. It is just complete attitude change. I take it seriously.

Last Wednesday I was so happy that Luis decided to go with me and we did cross train speed run: 2.6 mile run (4km) in 21 minutes. When you do speed run, it is always good to have a lead runner in front of you. Thanks Love!

My next run was the day after – last Thursday. I left for a slow pace 3 mile run and end up running 5 miles :) While running I saw the preparation for the Run The Beat Half Marathon in Blackheath.

If you would like sign up for Run The Beat 2012, registrations opens on the 26th Sep 2011. 4 days to go!

In case you badly want to run a marathon (I want!) there is Lewisham 5K Run on the 9th Oct 2011. Registration is only £8.00 and you can still sign in! For more detail click here.

Keeping myself active requires keeping myself fuelled.

Here’s what I had for my breakfast: 

Starbucks' pan cakes

Starbucks’ pan cakes –  I do like them as jam is not too sweet. By the way who knows a nice recipe for non-wheat, non-gluten dairy free pancakes? 

Pancakes downed with espresso – I was ready to kick off busy day at work. Time went so fast that the next time I check the clock it was time for lunch.

lovely Itsu lunch

Prawn rice from It’su. Note: If you are allergic to yeast, be careful while eating in It’su. Although their food is lovely, majority contains miso – seasoning produced by fermenting rice. Nevertheless I did enjoy! 

As we are under Action De-Clutter at home, I still have some stuff to organise today…But the feeling of getting rid of old papers and unnecessary furnitures is just so great that the only thing I see now is the moment when I enjoy a glass of a nice red wine in a minimalist room!

I wish you all have a lovely weekend!


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