Faster Recovery After Intense Training

Yesterday after all day at work I came home starving. I had no snack after lunch and it was a huge mistake. I came home – almost running – I was so hungry.

Fine piece of beef was on my mind:)


Speaking about meat: It’s possible for me to live on a veg diet, but  I like to have a nice piece of meat from time to time – plus I love grilled fish. Due to my allergy I prefer not to cut on meat as then I would be left with vegan wheat free diet. However fish was not what I was after yesterday. I grilled steaks on the pan with chopped onion and mushrooms, rice on the side and obviously…

leave me with 2 days off the greens and i'll go crazy

salad. For me it’s the most refreshing part of the meal! …

Now let’s talk about the business. 

I did not go running yesterday – my rest day. I did however tried to watch a movie but I only manage to keep my eyes open for 10 min ;)  

  1. Sleep is my best friend when we talk about the recovery – let me sleep 10 hours and I am like new. However when you train more seriously, you need to consider various way to get your body fresh again
  2. Ice baths – there are still on my list but I didn’t try them yet! How does it work? Click here,
  3. Hot – Cold Bath; besides that I always finish my shower with cold water I sometimes alternate hot and cold shower which includes one minute cold shower and two minutes of hot shower, repeated 3 times ; 
  4. Massage – eliminates muscles’ soreness after intense training ; the massage itself is painful but the light feeling you get afterwards is definitely worth it!
My favourite and less-painful ways to recover is a green smoothie with plenty of spinach. Forget about spinach taste, you won’t feel it – raspberries, strawberries plus a banana with few drops of Agave Nectar makes it a perfect combination. And after all you can indulge yourself with frozen yoghurt:)

Frozen Yoghurt

On my list – ice bath on Sunday and deep tissue (sport) massage next Saturday :)
How do you recover after intense training? What’s your secret :)?

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