Clues To Happiness

If there are any anyway…

I have been so happy recently that have I decided to share some few thoughts of mine with you guys. We can have a long debate on what happiness is or meant to be. Different people, different opinions. However I want to share with you some tips that improved my life significantly – so their might work for you as well. Here they are:

  1. Exercise on a daily basis. Get as fit as Madonna. Believe me your attitude towards your daily challenges will change considerably. But do not exercise for the sake of exercising. Get yourself a goal – a marathon, a dancing competition – something that will get you out there for training. Just believe me and do it for the next month, but  no excuses. Then you can give up if you don’t like it. There is something uplifting about workout – changes your body and your mind. When you start looking for excuses – e-mail me – I get you out there running, jogging, whatever you have planned ;) 



  1.  Become excellent in what you do. Quoting author of The Battle Hymn Of Tiger Mother Amy Chua

             “you don’t enjoy something when you’re not good at it, you don’t get good at it until you’ve done a lot of unenjoyable work, and that once you’re good at it, you love it”

               We all dream our work to be our passion. For those who: 
               A) did not figure out what they are passionate about yet, or  
               B) could like their job a bit more [I try to avoid using negative words;)], 
               Try to become excellent in what you do – it might help you. Help to simply enjoy the momentum



  1. Keep learning. Subject doesn’t matter. Just learn. It will motivate you and will keep you alive. It might be an accounting management book that might help you at work – even if it is not what is required from you. Stand out from the crowd. Constantly seek new knowledge and new experiences. The reward will follow. Read a book, write a blog, check out definition of the word that you didn’t really understand in the last article that you have read. Get out there and seek for knowledge!


  1. Care less. Remember that we are somehow depend on others – mortgage broker is not giving you an answer ; friend suppose to call and you never hear from him; your mum is talking too much, etc.  Now you should give yourself a break! Obviously, you do your best in any action you take – there should be no exception. But there are some times when thinking too much = worrying too much is no good. Be careful what you wish for! It will happen sooner or later – so focus on positives and dream big. 

Just Try...

What are your clues to happiness? I would really like to hear from you! I appreciate all comments

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