Last Sunday I went for a quick and easy 6 km run. I was really excited to do my first Assessment Workout with my new app miCoach by adidas. The assessment itself lasted only 12 minutes. The entire run however was 6.11 km long and I managed to do that in 36.56 minutes. I say I MANAGED because during my 4th km, I felt down. I was distracted for only 2 sec and there I was –  down in the middle of the road. With a bleeding knee and one hand injured! The only thing on my mind was to get home – and to get there as quickly as possible ;) That was something! Real jogging experience;)

I was lucky enough that my knee did suffer only from bleeding and some skin damages. It was a bit painful, especially when my ‘frozen’ knee got warmer and normal blood circulation was restored.

 Now after almost a week, it’s getting better. There is no pain. What mostly annoys me is the fact that I can’t bend my knee properly. That means no Yoga and only very slow pace run. I would not care that much – but the last thing I want is a terrible mark on my knee. So I took it easy, I did not run and it was my rest week. Did I miss running? Definitely!

Now down to less serious things. 


For breakfast fresh fruits with pumpkin seeds. Fruits are very easily digested so I always have them for breakfast when I am not really hungry or when I know that lunch is just in 2 hours time. I am never hungry in the morning, but I try not to skip my breakfast. It is important!


Then lunch for two :) I might say I skipped chicken skin, rice and potatoes. I did have a terrible stomach pain in the morning so I was really careful what I was eating. Luis still insists it was probably “light” food poisoning. Ohh gosh good it is over!

Still recovering and feeling weak, it was time for a nap. I love napping. Apart from wasting some time during the day, especially when e-mails were still to be answered, I just love the feeling of falling asleep under the blanket. 

small black

Then it was time for my coffee. Black sweetened with Agave Syrup instead of sugar.


For dinner – slice of white bread with tomatoes and edeme cheese, lettuce and tomato salad and fresh peach on the side. It was a great choice as I wanted something light feeling, and vegetarian. I love the presentation.


After all that I felt like something sweet ;) Vanilla ice-cream with grapes, peach, apple and pumpkin seeds – my leftovers from breakfast. 

That’s pretty much of my Friday. I just hope I felt better and could do what was on my schedule. Was your Friday productive?

What are your plans for the weekend guys? I have a girly night out tomorrow after work and still have to get ready.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

P.S. Miss my friends from Poland and Portugal…Love you all!


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