Remembering last Sunday

I have a small update on last Sunday. It was still an Indian Summer here in London and people were sunbathing in the park, Blackheath. I absolutely loved the weather of 29 C degrees at the beginning of October. However with such a shock to the environment, I bet winter will compensate us all for those lovely hot days in autumn. It was the day that staying indoors would be a crime, so we took advantage and spend the afternoon enjoying drinks in the sun.

Blackheath Market

Sunday is usual day for the Blackheath Food Market. You can get there fantastic organic fruits, vegs, home made jams, as well as tasty meat. I heard their burgers are so tasty…it was such a long queue that we decided to skip burgers in favour of chilling out with cold drinks.

as usual, we popped into Oxfam’s charity shop in Blackheath. I am big fan of books, and you can find there really good titles and authors. For the price of one book in a regular book store you can buy three book in Oxfam. I found three of Sophie Kinsella’s books and much more.

wish it was my home library

I bought “The Tipping Point” by Malcolm Gladwell. It was on my reading wish list from long time. I was lucky to spot it among thousands of different books and I got it for £2.49 :)  “The Tipping Point” is book about a change, about how our  mind works and above all about a new way of understanding why change so often happens as quickly and as unexpectedly as it does. 

Not so far from here, you can find a great blog  called “Healthy Tipping Point” where the author illustrates her change in lifestyle after ” spending most of her college years drinking beer and partyin’ way too hard.  I spent most days on the couch and many nights at the bar! – she recalls” . The blog name was inspired by the “The Tipping Point” book. Fantastic web-site, full of inspirational stuff!

reading in the sun - Indian Holidays in London this autumn

I love my Amazon Kindle but I also strive for real books. I wish you could find books that you wouldn’t stop reading!

The Tipping Point

And it was time for November’s Runner’s World with a fantastic Guide to Charity Running. Supplement with loads of info how to raise money for a charity and run a marathon.

By the way, which marathon would you like to run this or next year?

Market, books and  small shopping. Last Sunday was definitely the relaxing one. It was our first time in The Princess of Wales Pub. Pub with a great view over the heath. Drinks and a small bowl of olives!

joie de vivre

And then we were immersed by our own hobbies: my jogging and Luis’ fishing. From long time ago he is trying to convince me to enjoy beer and to go fishing. Beer – for me really difficult to drink – just wish the taste would be different. Fishing – yes but there needs to be a nice jogging route next by so I can go and run:) By the way I invite you all to his blog on fishing: Team Biarritz  




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