Leaving drinks

Saturday was all about work and fun. I  worked half of the day and the rest was dedicated to the girls. My colleague Asta is leaving her current job, so we have to have some fun and celebrate.


We headed for dinner to Azzuro. It was a budget dinner, especially because we took a voucher with us. Interested in budget eating out in London? For deals, vouchers and much more click here.

Risotto Pescatora

I can only say: nothing compares to Luis’ Rissotto Pescatora. He does it the best! Although Azzuro’s risotto wasn’t the best we spent there a good hour  chatting and catching up on recent books, movies and deals.

Next we moved to All Bar One…

All Bar One

one bottle of wine…


…with melted brie cheese, chicken tortillas and calamari. Fantastic snack with a nice bottle of wine. With voucher £15.00! Definitely worth it :)

Girly Night Out

What’s your best place for girly night and chitchats?

Last few remarks on jogging: I did not go, for the whole week, to any, even easy, run. I still feel my knee is not ready for stretching. Catch up here with my injury. This week I plan to hit the road again. Will post update soon:)

I wish you guys a fantastic and fruitful week!

Any special plans for this week?


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