Eat Heathly: First Step


When it comes to healthy eating, some people think it’s boring. I answer: It’s sexy! You may face constant hurdles; from the restaurant’s menu that it’s totally different from what you eat at home to  people who think that you’re constantly on a diet, or that you’re trying to lose weight. Why don’t they consider that saturated fat is not really what you’re after and that you simply want to stay healthy?

I say: do you really care? Do you care what people think about you more than what you consume every day? Do you want to keep the most lethal diseases like cardiovascular problems and cancer at bay? If the answer is yes, your lifestyle is the key. Most of the most terrible diseases are preventable. So act now!

Healthy Lifestyle Is Sexy!

As a part of your lifestyle transition the fist step is to EDUCATE YOURSELF. With the advent of the Internet, education is no longer reserved to colleges and universities. Get out there and seek knowledge. Stay pro-active. With better understanding of  nutrition issues better choices can be made. 

Here are few bits and pieces that will help you to understand that a healthy lifestyle is not only a famous slogan, healthy lifestyle is the future.

I present you with two movies and a book that influenced my way of thinking. I hope they will open your eyes as well:

Great motivation to change your lifestyle for good!

Food Matters ® – It’s a collection of interviews with Scientists, Medical Journalists. “Let thy Food be thy Medicine and thy Medicine be thy Food” – Hippocrates. Watching the movie you will discover:

  • why organic is better
  • foods that fight Anxiety and Depression
  • why drugs might do more harm than good
  • natural treatments for lowering Cholesterol
  • that the medical industry don’t want you to be healthy; it’s not profitable

At some point this documentary was made available to the public however only for a week. Now you can purchase the DVD and you can bet that your money will be well-spent. Visit for more details. Watch trailer here. Educate yourself!

Eye Opener

Food, INC. ® – after watching this movie you will never look at food in the same way again. Food, Inc. explores the US food industry and their daily practices that don’t necessarily benefit our health. It exposes what’s hidden behind  bigger-breasted chickens, the perfect pork chop, herbicide-resistant soybean seeds and even tomatoes that won’t go bad. Because the movie speaks about the US food industry don’t think that it does not apply to you. For example, the US milk is banned in Europe. Why? American dairy farmers inject rBGH to dairy cows to increase milk production. rBGH is a genetically engineered bovine growth hormone that increases cancer risks. European nations and Canada have banned rBGH to protect citizens from the hazards of Genetically Engineered Foods. Yet, which milk do you think you consume when you buy a Cadbury chocolate bar  in any European supermarket? The answer is: the same American genetically modified milk that causes cancer. Do you still want to stay passive? Do you want to have a fast food lifestyle and consume whatever ‘big companies’ want you to eat. Don’t be a fool customer! Think twice and educate yourself! Start today. Watch trailer here.

Must Read!

The End of Overeating by Dr David Kessler – this is a must read on my list, so if you want to adjust and implement a healthy lifestyle read this book. Kessler is a former commissioner of the US Food and Drug Administration under presidents George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton. He reveals how the food industry has hijacked the brains of millions of people, making them addicted to their daily food. When people become addicted it is really hard to implement any chances without proper help from outside. Now you can help yourself and read this fantastic book. You will learn that fat, salt and sugar are as much addictive as heroine. Rings a bell?  

There has never been a more thorough, compelling, or in-depth analysis of why we eat the way we do.

Follow Dr David Kessler on Twitter.

I hope you enjoy both movies and the book. I am looking forward to hearing from you what are your thought on the subject. Plus if you know any other eye-opening movie, article or book please let me know as I am happy to educate myself every single day. 

I wish you a fantastic week full of positive energy and remember:

Your Choice!

P.S. Still not sure about lifestyle changes? See this :)


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    1. Hi Inger!

      Thank you for stopping by:) I hope to explore your site as well :)
      How are you doing, where are you based?

      Any movies, books or articles that you can recommend me?

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