Winter Time: Go Ginger

I have no idea how are you guys coping with the cold during winter. I am a 100% sun girl. When winter comes the only thing on my mind is to stay in bed with hot chocolate and a great book. However… as I decided to stay active even during the winter, there are no more excuses for me. It’s time to put winter jogging gear and run :) The worst part for me is to get out. As soon as I start running, problems disappear;)

Yesterday’s running session:

distance: 7.57 km (4.7 miles) 

time 00:46:10  min

fastest km: 5:33

After the run, I craved for a fresh veg juice. I made carrots, beetroot and ginger juice. It was sweet due to high content of carrots. Since juicer was on, I prepared some for today as well. This time carrot, celery and ginger. I love to start my day with an espresso, but fresh veg juice will boost my immune system from early morning.


When the temperature drops down, it’s important to stay healthy and warm. Add ginger to a fresh juice and it will increase your feeling of warmth. As I am a really cold person, I plan to stick to ginger the whole winter. Who’s with me:)?

Now, back to my running schedule. As you possible know I had my first jogging injury 2 weeks ago which stopped me from running for over a week. Now I am back again and I hope to update you more frequently. I have my running schedule almost complete. I will make it public – I hope until the end of this week, so you can watch my progress.

Happy Thursday:)!!!


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