Last Week Highlights

Happy Monday Everyone!

I was craving caffeine so much today morning! Ohh those Sunday evenings movie sessions. It always finishes around 2:00 o’clock in the morning and then I am swearing when I have to get up 7:30 Monday morning. Anyway I had my coffee already and I am all happy :) Get it going, get it going – another week has arrived.

So… weekend was kind of relaxed for me.

1. On Thursday our dear friend popped in for a drink. Luis prepared a lovely snack and I was more than pleased that everything was ready when I came from work. Shame Magda couldn’t join us, but we sent her our love sealed in an envelope :) 

pineappleand melon; fresh bread ; goat’s and brie cheese, chorizo, celery and beetroot

2. Friday I decided to give it a go and make sushi. It was my first time, so don’t laugh guys. I made few mistakes, but nothing better than learning by trying. Even Luis enjoyed it (I am not so sure about it, but he ate it – no doubt about it!)

Home-Made Sushi :)

3. Saturday was a working day for me. Nothing really special about it ;) After work I did update my training schedule, which you can find here

4. Sunday – ohh lazy Sunday:) I went jogging and it was the hardest run I ever did for a long time. Not that the route was new. I just didn’t have power in my legs. After the run, I didn’t feel good. Tried to rest and sleep but all I felt was my stomach felling a bit strange. It definitely affected my running. See the graph and was many stops I had. I guess it’s still better that no running at all. In days like this, I try to remind myself to take things slowly and let it go :-)

Sunday workout

running route

How was your weekend guys?


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