Beat The Winter Blues

We have finally adjusted the clocks for the winter. Shorter days  have arrived. I’m not sure I like it…I am 100% sun girl and the coming month of grey skies, darker nights and the consequences of a lack of a sun doesn’t make me happier.

Taught by last year experience, when winter totally took over my mood, I felt like curling up in bed with a cup of hot chocolate and I have decided to take a bit different approach towards this year’s winter. In order to lift up the mood during the cold months I am staying proactive and will beat the winter blues;) Are you with me?

Here are things that I hope will help me beat the winter…

1) List of things that I am looking forward:

  • friends visiting us from Portugal
  • Luis’ BDay
  • Xmas in Poland; ohh yes we’ve got tickets already and I booked for  myself an hairdresser appointment already
  • city break for my name’s day 
  • training for a marathon

looking forward :)

2) I hate gym, but I signed for it. Seems silly? Let me explain.
  • First reason is to keep exercising. The majarity of my workout is running outdoors. So the only time to go jogging is after work. Because of time change, it is so dark in the evenings that I am literally scared to get outside (running alone in the dark next to the park? ohh no thank you). So I signed up for a gym to be able to run during my lunch breaks, have a shower and come back to work:)
  • Second reason is cross training. In order to run marathon in April I need other forms of workout like Yoga, swimming, etc.
  • Third reason is sauna – I need to rest after all that busy schedule and I love sauna. After crazy commitment my body will get some treat :)

gym membership

3) Improving my diet. Recently I decided to eat as much organic as possible, avoid food treated with pesticides, fungicides and other chemicals. I also threw away bleach and all chemical detergents. I also decided to do my grocery shopping online to have a better control over spendings and planning. I have already placed my first food order online last Saturdays and boxes will be delivered on Tuesday:)

do you buy online?

source )

4) Update my wardrobe. That’s possibly the easier part as spending money on it is so easy! Here’s my wish list:
  • new coat
  • pair of trousers
  • white shirt
  • blazer 
  • leggings x2
  • jumper x 2
  • envelope style handbag
  • pair of flat boots
  • pair of heels (still boots)
  • wellies
The list could go on and on as you possibly know, but that’s all for now:)

What’s your tricks to beat the winter blues?

2 thoughts on “Beat The Winter Blues

  1. Last March I restarted ballet which I did in my youth. I am gradually increasing the number and intensity of the classes. I feel my best right after class! I already eat healthy/organic and use natural bodycare products but I love your wardrobe update idea!!

    1. Hi Inger!

      Nice to hear from you:)
      I bet you enjoy ballet. I did ballroom and latin dance in my youth. Sometimes miss it!
      After that I did my fitness certificates and I miss too…Hope to start giving classes in close future.

      Possibly as you know your body adjust to the intensity of your training so great job that you’re working to increase it:) felling better just after workout – tell me about it:) After running sessions I have energy for 2 :)

      I am following your updates regarding food – and love stuffed pepper – I definitely have to give it a go:) I wanted to start eating organic long time ago, but just organised myself now, and hope it keep it for life!

      Regarding wardrobe, I am just waiting for some free time. Clothes shopping is so fun for me. Hope to update soon.

      Any other sports that ballet? Do you practise Yoga?


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