Sauna Challenge Day 8

How you are everyone?!!!

I spotted some new readers here on my blog. Welcome you guys, I have you enjoy posts and feel free to comment. I am always glad to hear your opinions.

Since I am not blogging that often recently I want to update you what I have been up to:)

As I once mentioned I got myself a gym membership. I am enjoying swimming so much, plus sauna. I can’t express how great I feel after 20-30 min of total sweat. I go to sauna 5 days a week. I’m lovin’ it :) It’s 8th day of sauna challenge. I plan to keep sauna for as long as I feel right with it. 

I'm lovin' it!

Also, it’s a 3rd week that we eat organic – 90% food we consume is organic. I get my delivery every Tue, so I do not need to worry about any shopping. Food is at home, so the only one thing left is to cook. I order my groceries from Abel & Cole . I recommend to everyone! Plus there are hosting a great event with organic food, when you can try few bits and pieces. Click here for more info. 

Regarding my jogging – I don’t jog as often as I used to but I still go for 2 long runs every week. One on Wed and one on Sun – around 45-55 min long. Sometimes I also do a quick run of 3 miles in addition to my regular Wed and Sun runs. I wish I could do some more Yoga, but I am struggling to find time to practise finding all excuses in the world not to practise. And I miss my favourite Yoga teacher Elena! I adore her style of teaching so much and most important her classes are struggle for me – what I love (I get bored very easily).

Wish I could do Yoga at home! I just can't many things around :)

As I embarked on a plan to Beat The Winter Blues – I am doing just all right. Even long dark evenings don’t have such a bad impact on me compare to last year. A little bit of plan – and it’s all doable:)

How are you keeping up with autumn?

Tulsi tea

P.S. Just wanted to say that I found a new great taste tea. It’s called Tulsi tea. Check it out. It’s really good ideal for winter evenings…;)


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