December 2011!!! Xmas Time :)

Xmas is one of those things that I am looking forward every single year. Who doesn’t , heh? I love Xmas lights, I happy with some snow, when it doesn’t melt obviously. Love Xmas atmosphere, receiving and giving presents – great escape from every day stuff. By the way could you imagine life without Xmas? 

me & my snowman in 2009; will I make one in 2011?

In 5 days time we are off to Poland:) Well, Germany first and then my home town Szczecin….

London- Berlin

I have one priority during Xmas: catch up with some sleeping:) ohh yes :-) !

to-do list :)

( source )

Here’s what is going on / has been going on / happened:

1. I continue with my Sauna challenge and I just love it. Last Friday I spend 40 min. in sauna, 2 min. in steam room and then jumped into swimming pool – entire pool for myself.  Leisure makes such a difference.

2. I updated my winter wardrobe. I needed so much :) And by the way I am 100% in favour of online shopping. There is nothing compare to drinking hot chocolate while you browsing new dresses rather than facing the entire Xmas shopping centre crowd.

3. I did not run for about 14 days. December is a bit colder than November, so I am not that eager to hit the road. I hope to catch up during Xmas.

4. I continue eating good quality food. 

5. I am almost done with Xmas gifts – I love preparing them 

6. I am thinking about my New Year resolution….

How about you guys…any idea what’s on your agenda in 2012…any resolutions?


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