Organic Vs. Non-Organic

As much as I enjoy good food, I don’t always document what I eat.  Here there are: few bits bites and pieces that landed on my plate recently:

There are few amendments that I have implemented recently:
  1. We eat organic. There might be a common misunderstanding that organic is something extraordinary. Well, it’s just the food and not food derivative, it’s food and not food 2.0 . So many pesticides and fungicides are in use to ensure our food has a long life that now food does not mean the same as it did half a century ago. That’s why I took a decision and 90 % of all food that we consume at home it’s organic. We get our weekly food deliveries from Abel&ColeAll meals above are results of abel&coleing :) 
  2. We read labels. Ideally I would love to exclude all E-s and preservatives from our diet, however it’s very ambitious. So I always read the label first. Just a simple example. Baked Beans – non-organic are full of salt and sugar. The moment I tried organic one I could not believe beans can taste so good, and so different. 
  3. Budget meal plan. I can hear you now pulling an argument that organic is more expensive than ‘normal’ food. Well, yes it is. With one organic chicken you can feed maybe 3 people – with non organic I bet you prepare dinner for 7 at least. Companies are using steroids and grow hormone to grow livestock bigger. If you are not aware consumer and you’re a single mother of 5 I bet you chose the second option. Well, I focused on quality and not quantity, plus a lot of people overeat anyway. 
  4. Is it really organic? I need to believe and I will never be sure 100%. What you can do is to check if particular food is approved by Soil Association (UK). EU implemented organic labelling that came into force on the 1 July 2011, however it is optional.  

Here is a quite nice interview with  Robyn O’Brien, author of The Unhealthy Truth, in case you want to investigate further: 

And what’s on your plate? 

Are you Organic or Non-Organic? 


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