So What’s Gonna Be Happening In 2012?

I sat down on Sunday evening when’s dark outside, TV turned off while the rest of  the house was resting. Just me and my planning. Here’s what on my list to achieve/become in 2012:


  1. Run a marathon.
  2. Buy a camera.
  3. Read 30 books (see the list)
  4. Visit other country rather than Poland or Portugal.
  5. Continue to buy and eat organic.
  6. Write minimum of 10 post/month.
  7. Work within a large professional team.
  8. Make bets for Oscars 2012.
  9. Climb Polish mountains in summer.
  10. Do driving licence.
  11. Pass CPE with grade A. 


  1. Waking up 15 min earlier than I should.
  2. Plan my day the day before.
  3. Drink less coffee (max 2/day).
  4. Increase Yoga practice.
  5. Get into habit of reading before going to bed.
  6. Spend less time wasting my time in front of the computer screen and more time doing/producing/focusing.
  7. Re-vamp my wardrobe.
  8. Increase my Excel skills.
  9. Somehow start Portuguese course. 


  1. Improve English
  2. Maintain good health, stamina and stay fit.
  3. Enhance my professional career.
  4. Keep L.INC growing.
  5. Eat consciously and healthily and eat more raw.

Any recommendations in regard to the camera? I need a good one – I would say max.£200.00

Also, any books recommendations for 2012? What’s the best book you have read recently? I am counting on your opinions as I have only 2 position out of 30 on my list.

Finally, what are YOUR plans and goals for 2012?

6 thoughts on “So What’s Gonna Be Happening In 2012?

      1. yep, im just depending of my colleague, but is intention to go there this year on those months…

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