#1: Resolutions Follow Up

Not so long ago I throw into space my New Year resolutions and there you go: I already completed one : to revamp my wardrobe :) Ohh well, that’s the best resolution you could ever stick to, it has a continuous function so you bet I will be completing it all year-long;) My last purchases:

  • 1 3 pair of trousers
  • coat, 
  • boots, 
  • cardigan and 
  • a fancy pair of glasses

On the flip side, I decided to keep my wardrobe tidy and not overloaded. Since it does not have a tiger cage size, I need to keep an eye on that materialistic side of mine. In the end of the day I prefer to have those pieces of clothes that I actually wear!

What else? I keep running and keeping my training schedule…and I hate cleaning- welcome a Syzyf Job!!! How many times did  I reach a conclusion that it’s just a waste of time. For example, take a folk like me.

  1. I cannot treat cleaning as some sort of workout – my body just don’t recognize anything below 4 miles hills run – lol. 
  2. I love to have clean-tidy-everything-in-its-place environment, but somehow cleaning does not correlate with my-self. (wow I am going academic here, psychology, no? heh)
  3. I am the only child.
  4. I am lazy to bits.
  5. I prefer to spend my time sleeping rather than cleaning.
  6. Am I still a teenager? Feels good :-)))

You know they’re people who can’t sit in one place when blanket is twisted in the corner – I wish I could belong there…

Some sort of make-me-feel-better picture;)

( source )

No excuses. Time to clean. The inspector is coming home soon;)

If I had not had spent time writing post about how much I loathe it, I would actually have it done already! Something is wrong here. Oii, what a minute, you say it’s ME?

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