Five Little Goals A Day

Let’s say I achieve 5 little goals every day I end up with 1,825.oo great bunch of achievements. Sometimes I catch myself that the day is gone and I literary did not do anything worth enough – due to not having enough time not being organised properly.

I don’t really fancy writing down my Five Little Goad A Day every day, but I found it really helpful. 

I write. I accomplish.

daily goals

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The list is particularly useful when I start experiencing so-called work overload, when phone start ringing, e-mails are piling up, colleagues awaiting my answer and my loved one is calling with the-pressing-issue.

I hope setting 5 daily goals will help me to prioritize better at work and at home.

From time to time I will write my five daily goals here, so please feel free to jump on the bag-wagon. Just leave a comment with you daily goals in comments. NO EXCUSES – FIND A REASON.


I came up with the daily goals as I was doing the inventory of my goals, reason and destinations. Last year I wrote a post about my so-called next step in my personal development: Decisions – Time To Get Busy. I replaced getting back to fitness by marathon running but the aim to pass CPE (Certificate of Proficiency in English) is still on my list.

To plan my study I like to see the whole pictures of the ground I need to learn. So in order to nail my Five Little Goals A Day I need to get my study plan ready. To do so I downloaded Free Mind for mind-mapping. In my opinion it’s always worth investing some time to organise and plan, so later on I can kick off studying with no excuses.

I leave you here to actually get my study manual done!

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Have a fruitful day:)


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