Weekend Update

I am so happy weekend has finally arrived. Although I usually work on Saturdays, it feels better than an ordinary weekday.

I set my alarm for 6:45 am last night, but get out of bed only 7:10 am. Not too bad considering my constant love affair with sleeping, especially during mornings;)

7:18 am I hit the road for 5 mile run, it was such a beautiful morning and surprisingly not cold at all:)

I did my usual 8 km route but when I got to Heath, the wind was blowing just straight in my face making me struggling a bit. Plus those stitches. I sincerely envy them. I want to go fast, but my body stops me. Well, all down to lack of a proper warm-up and going too fast too early.

It was an easy run, as I took it easy. 

easy run

I did have few stops mainly because of stitches. Plus in the morning when every minute counts you don’t really want to go slow. Ohh well, another lesson.

8:10 shower & getting ready

9:00 my morning espresso in Starbucks. I had a chocolate biscuit…hmmmm taste so goooood;)

my morning protocol

( source )

9:22 took the train to work

10:00 , how can I help? ;)


Today, it’s Grandma’s Day in Poland – so first things first. I gave Babuska (that’s how I call my Grandma) a call. She’s 81 years old and the funniest she’s ever been. Such jokes she makes, you wouldn’t believe…I love her!

As weekend arrived and I am done with my training session today, later on today I am off to my friends for a home-made cake and a coffee. Oh, you bet, I will end up with gin and tonic ;)

Have a lovely weekend everyone !!!


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