Training For A Marathon Continues

The only feeling left after the weekend is a little pain- my knees. Even hangover disappeared with the speed of light. I still feel my knees after my longest so-far run: over 14 km, 9 miles!

I checked my running plan and there was 9 miles for Sunday training session. Oh goddess me – I thought. First thing was to load with some energy:

pear and toast with almond butter

I use almond butter, because it’s with no preservatives, no E-s and it provides me with some good mono unsaturated fats. It s also a good source of fibre and magnesium. My favourite one is from Meridian

plus a coffee. Coffee is a must ;)

Coming back to running.

Yes, I did it:) I run for over 14 km with no stop. It wasn’t very difficult, but I am still struggling with stitches…have to find out the reason!

Weather was so lovely…perfect Sunday to hit the road:)

st km

Happy face somewhere during 12th km:


It was a fantastic day with some sunshine. You wouldn’t tell it’s winter time.


Here’s the whole summary:

done! :)


J.Edgar –  great movies with Leonardo DiCaprio at his best. I went to the cine with my friend and I felt like it was quite an experience heh. I mean watching a movie in the cinema. We discovered that the last time I was in the cine it was exactly year ago…Great movie and a fantastic evening out!

Plus I met my friend from the primary school. Do you say London is big? Not at all ;)

I wish you all a fruitful week:)


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