It’s Getting Tougher! Part.2

I bet you saw my terrible-after-18km-run-pictures in my first and very brief post about my longest run so far – It’s Getting Tougher ! Part.1 

So here is a bit more detailed summary of Sunday longest run:

I wake up 9:30 am. Had a white coffee, brown toast with almond butter and fruit salad. Then hesitation come into force. I was up, dressed and ready for the run only at 11:30 am. I won’t lie I was scared to bits! 6 km no problem, 10 km fine, but 18km??? Ohh and not to forget that marathon is 42.195 km! What the hell I signed up myself for?

The first three km were the hardest one! I took it easy and I tried to switch my mind to something different from thinking about running! So by 6th km all my holidays for 2012 were planned. By 8th km I choose which shoes to invest for the summer;) By 11th km I knew my outfit for yesterday evening.

After 13th I was not able to think  at all !!! ;)

By 18th I was didn’t feel anything else than my hips and feet. Wow I did it!

Summary: 11.39 miles (18.33 km) in 1:55:39 sec with average speed 6:19 min/km

18.33 km






I was meeting Paulina during the afternoon and we decided that Blackheath would be perfect! And we were hungry starving! We popped in to Cafe Rouge but we both were not sure about the place and eventually we end up in GIRAFFE

Giraffe in Blackheath

We were welcomed with great enthusiasm and no fake smiles:)  Seemed like a nice place!

To start, we ordered some drinks. I went for gall of sparking wine. Yeap girls’ lunch!

sparkling to start!

definitely refreshing!

I wasn’t in mood for warm food, so I picked up a salad:

grilled chicken prawns salad

puls mango and nuts

It was absolutely amazing and 100% what I needed.

Grilled salmon looked great and as Paulina said tasted equally good!

grilled salmon

Everything tasted especially amazing plus service was excellent! I will definitely be back there! 

What’s your favourite place to dine out in London?


6 thoughts on “It’s Getting Tougher! Part.2

  1. yeyyy!! :) Congratulations for the 18 km!! :) You go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Reading this just made mayself ant to improve my runs!!! For now I can run 6 km, but slowly maybe i can do it too!! :)
    thanks and kisses from Aveiro

    1. Many thanks Mari:)!!!

      Slowly slowly and you can do it too! I bet you use some sort of running application to trace your run, so take it easy, get better and join in for the marathon?

      By the way, is there any marathon in Aveiro?

  2. Hey dear!! In Aveiro I don´t know any marathon but in Porto there are a few.
    Yes I use a tool to track my runs, as I said i am a litte baby on the subject but I am soooo happy doing it!!
    many many kisses <3

    1. So glad you enjoy running! It’s not everyone cup of tea.
      I will research more about Porto’s marathon and we should sign up!!!

      Would be such a fun to run with you!!!

      P.S. I am just baking my first muffins;) Such fun!

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