Monday Rush & Running Conclusions

Monday Manic Monday! Now I am used to Monday’s rush but there was the time when I just wanted to smash my alarm the moment I heard that terrible noise. Now I can say I like Mondays. It uplifts me and put me back on truck:)

a must especially in the mornings

I am not a breakfast folk and I need to allow some time after I wake up to have a breakfast: from 1 to 2 hours. So small biscuit with coffee it’s a perfect combination for me! 

It was a usual day at work – yes, I am working full-time and having a full marathon training. I just sometimes wonder how working mothers run marathons. Blessss……

Monday was my rest day from running. I went to sauna for half an hour. Above all I felt quite good with some strange pain feeling around my knees. The only pain I had was when I was walking down the stairs. 

1 day after my longest run, it wasn’t enough to miss running. However it was certainly enough to draw some conclusions:

Running = Happiness

I am bloody getting OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE! 

There is no margin for laziness.

It’s a DISCIPLINE lesson.

When was the last time you got yourself out of your comfort zone? By your concious decision not by the action of other…?

I almost forgot. Wanted to recommend you a tulsi tea. Such a perfect taste!

great taste


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