Happy Baking

On Thursday we had vet visit booked with our Eddy.  Just a simple check up plus a vaccination. He wasn’t particular pleased to be forced into the cage, and since he’s bigger that one year ago, I left that privilege for Luis;)

"what is going on?!"

We bought him his favourite chicken food so he got his reward! After an hour time he was more than pleased to find himself at home again. Just have a look:

at least I am home again!

He decided to rest and so did I ;)

There was no running yesterday. It should be but I was so cold I could not even think about going out. I don’t mind running while it’s freezing outside, but I was feeling cold generally and there was no force to get me out of the house. Instead of dwelling too much that I should have gone running I embraced my day off and focused on resting and baking:)

yeeees my first muffins!

For the recipe and some more pictures visit Lifestyle Inc in coming days:)

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Happy Friday Everyone!!!


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