Monthly Habit 02

Imagine you have a monthly habit. As a result, in the end of the year you would get 12 accomplished things that otherwise wouldn’t happen.  

That’s why with a small group of my girl-friends, we have decided to meet up once a month. You might have friends in London and still see them once a three months. In order to catch up, we will be meeting every month (I hope!). So far our Jan and Feb meetings did materialise! yeeep:)


This time we went to Jazz@Pizza Express in Soho. There is a regular pizzeria  on the ground floor whereas downstairs you find more intimate room showroom:

2: showroom

We arrived there around 7pm, ordered bottles of wine, few starters and pizza for main course. At 7:30 pm the concert started. It was all good to catch up with girls, but I found music quite disturbing :/ Poor girl did not realise she will actually have to listen to the concert;)

The evening did not finish late. We all had serious stuff waiting to be completed the next day, so we took it easy.

I must say that, from the whole evening, I enjoy the most was jazz music pizza Quattro Formaggi with four different kind of cheeses: mozzarella, Gorgonzola, grana padano and fontal. Seemed like I wasn’t into Jazz…

Plus London….I love London:

3: Charing X Station

What’s your best place in London?


Note: Picture 1&2 are from Google Images


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