First Snow This Winter

I started my Sunday quite late this week, but nothing tastes better than a good sleep when needed! To kick off my day: white coffee. It was extra white as we have snow in London (at least when I was writing this post)

good morning snow!


I had a organic Natural Soya Yoghurt with Agave Nectar, sliced almonds and  half a tea spoon almond butter. Mixed al together = delicious! I wasn’t fully satisfied so I also snack on some Brazil nuts.


brazil nuts










Sunday was my truly rest day:


Since there was snow, we went to Blackheath and Greenwich. So much fun with this snow:)


















We passed by Greenwich Market and  visited few book stores.


what we love - books










It was great weather outside with no wind, but after walking almost 4 km one way I needed something to keep me going before the dinner. Hot chocolate was a perfect choice!


After 3 hours of walking and hanging around we finnaly arrived home and I was starving!


Luis made salmon with tomato sauce and potatoes in the oven. It was exactly what I needed! I had no idea salmon goes well with tomato sauce. Plus we discovered roasted fennel. Yummyyy

salmon in tomato sauce and roasted fennel


What about your Sunday? Any workout or total day of rest?


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