Researching The Best Cameras

I am officially in need of a new camera! There are few events coming up such as European Fishing Championship, Milton Keys Marathon, my best-friends first baby: baby girl Hania :) Plus my pictures on L.INC.  requires big improvements!!! Above all I think photography is becoming my new hobby :-)

best camera? I need your help!

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In this occasion I would like to ask for your help! I NEED YOUR HELP :)!!! 

Which camera can you recommend me? Which one do you use? 

P.S.  @Ania A.  : Don’t you think would be fun to make a photo session with Magda with two photographers at the same time ;-) ? 


3 thoughts on “Researching The Best Cameras

  1. I use a D40 Nikon. It’s awesome because it’s super user friendly and lighter than most DSLRs. But for you I’d recommend, the D3100 Nikon because

    1. My camera’s super old, though amazing, and I don’t think they have in the market anymore.
    2. D3100 is an ideal beginners camera. It’s user friendly.
    3. It has an LCD Display to show you a preview of your photos which, my camera doesn’t have.
    4. ITS NIKON. Though Canon and Nikon are in close competition, so far I’ve found that Nikon offers better quality images as well as higher durability.

    So yeah. Overall, I’d recommend that you buy a Nikon camera and you buy a camera that’s user friendly if you haven’t used a DSLR before because it’s takes practice to perfect your skills.

  2. Thanks for your comment Gabriela!

    I am actually considering Nikon D90, not sure yet…I once worked with D90 and it was all right. Spending some money I prefer to choose the best rather than user friendly.

    I am still in the middle of my research:)

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