No Running Zone…

Do you know that feeling when you buy a new book and after few pages you’re almost sure it’s gonna bit a hit. The book that you won’t be able to put down and the one thing on your mind would be : what happens next?! 

I call it Happiness:)

so true!

So, because it was time for a little relax:


I had some  quality reading time during the weekend. Job’s biography is a brick size so I doubt I will be carrying it with me to read while commuting to work :( 


We had a girls meeting on Friday evening and chatting was on the agenda. Magda baked a really tasty cake, so I am awaiting the recipe to bake it next weekend:) It felt good to be all-together-again, as we all know each other at least since we were 5 years old. 4 of us live in London, but we rarely meet. Was good to see you all girls ;)!!!


Unfortunately it was a working day for me. I had breakfast only when I arrive office. Two protein muffins and an apple. 

protein muffins & an apple

Then it all started:

1st coffee

2nd coffee

3rd coffee….

I think I only stopped after the 5th one. 

By 5 pm I was home, to find myself so sleepy, the power nap was a must. Recently I find exhaustion my worst enemy! I am so happy and so grateful for many things, but have no energy to stay alive.  Room for a big improvement!

Do you drink too many coffee while working in the office?


Sunday theme: hanging around. No I did not go running. I am a bit behind with my marathon training :( Well, I won’t lie I went running, as it would not have much sense. It was a busy week with some another priorities and a lot of fun (Ricaro & Alice – the little bears from Portugal- came to visit us). I did 2 small easy 4 miles runs during the week and that was it.

I hope to resume my training this week. Only 77 days to the marathon. 

Meanwhile I decided to kick off new week in red:

in red

I love to have my nails done, but not really patience to do the actual manicure. Alice did my nails while staying with us. It was just perfect! It wore off a bit, so sadly but I had to remove it. Then I decided I give it a go myself :/  I spent good 45 min. Aliceeee come backkkk :) !!! I

Also, this weekend I found 25% discount from H&M in my post.

25% off

They (H&M) just want made me buy something… I like shopping but I can proudly say that I AM IN CONTROL. I prefer minimalist wardrobe with some basic classic must-haves over bring-it-all wardrobe.

I believe less is more.

My camera hunting is still on…if you feel like you can recommend me one just leave a comment here.

Have a great and fruitful week!

What are your challenges for this week?


7 thoughts on “No Running Zone…

    1. Hi Inger,

      I know what you mean with books! Plus it’s really hard to find that one that you can’t put down. From top of my memory for me to was The DaVinci Code and Angels and Demons by Dawn Brown and a Millennium Trilogy by Stieg Larsson. I read few other can’t-put-them-down books but can’t recall the titles now.

      Job’s biography starts promising:)

      Running – slowly I am getting there;) How’s your ballet?

      1. I bet you enjoy! Glad you have no injuries! I try to prevent any potential ones after all that running as well. Most important: no harm:)

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