Milton Keynes Marathon: 29th April 2012

You may see all my struggles & training sessions here, but you have not yet been informed about the race itself.  I decided to you give guys some more information:


Milton Keynes – northwest from London. I am not racing the famous London Virgin Marathon as it is really hard to get in. Plus for my first marathon I do prefer something less spectacular ;)

Milton Keynes


26.6 miles = 42.195 km

The longest distance I run in my lifetime was 11 miles = 18.33 km, so I still have a long way to go with my preparation for a big day!  

Milton Keynes Marathon route


29th April 2012.

Only freak like me can run a marathon in her Birth-Day! Last year I got a present from British Government as the 29/04/2011 was declared as a bank holiday (no work!). I just wonder what’s for my birthday in 2013? I better gonna figure something out.  Any suggestions :-) ? 

If you’re interested in getting in, I think there are still places available. Just visit official website of Milton Keynes Marathon.


So let’s move to my Tue’s evening run:

I did 7 miles = 11.27 km, but no records as my Blackberry could not find GPS, sic! I think it’s was my fault as I did not update my miCoach app! No records, but at least I have a map:

7 miles run

It was a tough run as I had a little break from running. Only after 3 miles I could run with my usual speed and after all it felt good. They say that you never regret your run! I do agree. After 7 miles I felt tired – especially my legs. I could still feel my blood circulating even 3 hours after the run. It was  strange but pleasurable feeling:) Running is not easy, but gives such a satisfaction!

Today’s Breakfast:

I had a plain organic Soya yogurt with tsp of almond butter, sesame seed and Agave Nectar. 

Soya yogurt

Forgive me this crap picture – I am buying a new camera!

I added dark chocolate to sweet it up. In regards to dark chocolate, I found a really interesting article yesterday in Science Daily: Love, Chocolate Good for the Heart, Says Cardiologist

Plus my morning coffee. Shouldn’t be white, as I am intolerant to Cow’s milk. Once for a while ;)

Now I am off for my 8 miles run today. I’ve chosen a completely different route, so I hope not to get lost;) I have another arrangement at 5:30 and then I am heading for a Yoga class with my favourite teacher Elena. I feel my body needs some serious stretching! Not even mentioning a massage :/

How’s your day so far?


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