8 Miles & Yummy Lunch

They say that:

ohh yes!

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On Wednesday I had 8 miles to run – hills if possible. So in order to avoid ‘thinking too much’, I just dressed up and made my way towards the front door :) By 2:16 pm I was out and ready for 8 miles run.

dress up...

...and GO!

It was quite a good run, apart of quadriceps’ pain in both legs. I mean pain due to lactic acid that have accumulated after the day before yesterday’s run of 7 miles. Another challenge was a new route that I took. Some of distances I run preparing myself for ultimate 42.195 km full marathon, are in general longer than 5 miles. That forces me to seek new routes. Yesterday was that day. I have no problem with terrain orientation in general, but running somewhere for the first time makes my run a bit slower. 

Here’s 8 miles run summary:

8 miles run summary

8 miles run hills

8 miles run route

As you can see my average pace was 5:57 min/km. Assuming that I will run 10% slower during the marathon, it brings me to 6:13 min/km. As a result I will finish 42 km in 4:22 min. sic! My goal is to finish in sub-4:00 hours category. Training makes the master ;) I hope!


As soon as I get back home I assembled a quick-lunch/dinner as it was already 4:30 pm. I love steamed salmon especially as it take literally 5 min to prepare.

steamed salmon


Additionally I also steamed some spinach, replaced rice with Quinoa plus fresh spinach with tomato salad and boiled egg. I am still a beginner considering using Quinoa, but the more I eat it the more I love it!

It was so lovely I hoovered it all in 10 min. 

What’s your quickest home-made lunch/dinner recipe?


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