Rest Day & Weird Craving

After Wed’s run I could barely walk. There was  no way to could walk down the stairs like ‘a lady’…. ;) I decided sauna could help. So I got my hour break and off for 30 min to Swedish sauna! 

The other weird thing was that I was drinking like crazy. I mean water! I think I drunk at least 3 l of water yesterday plus herbal teas. I have never craved water so much like I did yesterday. Ohh you 8 miles run!

Thu was a rest day, so after work no running, just cooking. I was starving so quick solution was needed!


As a starter Minestrone soup. One of my favourite soups! I won’t say I cook it. I was a ready Minestrone from Abel & Cole, they are really tasty, and I can easily recommend. Quick solution found:)

Minestrone Soup

Then I really had no idea what’s for the main course. I still had some cooked Quinoa from the day before. Some creativity and I roasted Brussels sprouts:

Brussels sprouts

When  they were almost ready I added Quinoa and keep in the oven for more 10 min. Spinach and tomato salad and baked tuna toast with melted cheddar…



     It was a relaxing evening last night, so I caught up on some running reading. I found an interesting tip in relation to marathon preparation. Imagine you prepare yourself for more or less 4 months prior to the matathon and then you cab barely sleep the night before. Don’t worry, because:


runner's reading

  I have an easy 6 miles schedule for today, but it will be a totally new route.

Happy Fridayyyy :)!!!


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