How To Save Time, Get Your Private Life On Truck And Still Run A Marathon!

Yesterday I had one of those ‘aha’ moment :-) No, no, I didn’t make it to Mensa club …yet, neither did I face-plant while running ;) I did however save my marathon training! Let me tell you how:

Training for a marathon, whatever you work full-time, you are a single father or just a busy student with a packed schedule at the university, requires full commitment. After the commitment come time and its management. The busier I am the more organised I become. Yes! However with running ranging between 25-45 miles a week, you will often experience fatigue, muscle soreness, need for sleep and good fuel (food). You will face some days when running is the last thing on your mind.

I experienced those moments already since I started full-marathon training – the 9th January 2011. So far I did 89.51 miles (144.05 km). 40 miles (64.37km) less than I should. So what went wrong?

  • procrastination –Sunday morning you know you are scheduled for a long 12 miles run ; it’s still challenging distance for you, so you  procrastinate getting dressed up and go out; as a result you either don’t go, or you go 2 hours later than you wished and all your Sunday’s plans fell apart ; suddenly your running become a hurdle as far as private life is concern
  • running before/after work – I bet that after work you just want to go home and relax or focus on other things pending on your to-do list, or simply friends are coming over for a dinner; in that case it is very likely you will miss your run
  • fatigue – if you ever run more than 3 days a week, you know what it feels like

So I found a solution! 

Run home straight after work!

Yes, it still depends how far you live from your work place, and what is your training goal. But with 5 runs or more per week, I found this solution just perfect. Why?

  1. I want to go home ASAP, so as soon as office closes I am dressed and ready to go home. There is no procrastination. It becomes something more than just another training session. It’s your way home therefore it feels good.
  2. As soon as you are at home, your energy level rocks. I love it! I am no longer tired after stressful day at work.
  3. When something unexpected pops out – plans have changed and you really need to go to the vet with your pet – you can still run. It becomes your mean of transport rather than a time-consuming leisure.

I did my work-home run yesterday and I am so happy as it saved me some much time. 

work-home easy 6 miles run (London city, UK)

Today something unexpected happened and I have to be 5:30 ready for another arrangement. I finish my work 4 pm today, and there would not be even a slight chance I could make my run today. Therefore I run home again today. I hope it will be quicker than yesterday as I know the route now. Just to add it took me 58 min to do 10.40 km yesterday.

I implemented no-excuses zone when it comes to running as it’s only 70 days left to my first marathon. God saves me I am so happy:)


soya yogurt

I had plain soya yoghurt with almond butter and Agave nectar, plus obvious black coffee. After just 1 hour I was hungry and indulged myself with almond croissant.



Leftovers from the day before tasted so gooooood! Roastes Brussels sprouts with Quinoa.


I was not in mood for cooking, but I knew I had to eat good due to my run the next day.


I combined carbs and protein mixing plain soya yoghurt with banana, dried dates fruits, few almonds, Agave nectar and sesame seeds. It was really satisfying! 

Besides that today is Saturday, I am having an extra busy day packed with work, training and other arrangements. You bet I will face-plant in bed at 10:30 pm.

Have a great weekend everybody and I’ll see you here on L.INC. on Monday!


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