Good Morning Monday!

Good Morning Monday :-)!!! How was your weekend? Any workout? Please leave a comment if you did run or do any other sort of workout :-) 

My weekend was kind of busy one, with total rest on Sunday. I started to feeling weak – like getting a flu sort of thing. But I think Sunday rest was crucial and today I can say I am all fine:)

If you did not have an opportunity to read my last post on How To Save Time & Still Run A Marathon follow this link. Below please see my last Friday and Saturday running summary. Both analysis present the same route. Plus on Saturday it was my first run in the rain :0

Friday run

Saturday run

On Saturday I did my 10 K  PB (Personal Best) of 54:47 sec and 5 K PB of 27:27 sec. I still have lots of runs to complete in order to finish the marathon in less than 4 hours.

Here’s a little inspiration for today:)

I agree and You?

( source )

I am looking forward to hearing from you in regards to your workout during the weekend:) Any PB (Personal Best) for you?

Have a lovely week and Happy Monday :)


4 thoughts on “Good Morning Monday!

  1. Goodmorning Mondaay!!! I did 9 km run on Sunday and I am feeling great today! But I am aiming for 11 km by the end of this week.. A lot of willpower needed! Probably will crawl the day after:))

  2. Hiiii Ania :)

    That’s great 9 km, not easy! Seems like you are increasing km-age every week. Good tactic. I am doing the same and I hope to do 16 miles on Saturday. It gets scary…;)

    I saw you updated your Facebook status yesterday with this nice smoothie thing:) When you have a minute – let me know the recipe!!!

    1. Hi Ingrid,

      It’s the app that is so scientific ;) Just need to measure my speed. I love this idea about ballet, hiking – lovely. One step at a time.

      I just got so crazy about my training as I aim to finish full marathon in less than 4 hours;)

      Just wanted to say that I love your recipes!

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